Saturday, June 5, 2010


Its been awhile since I blogged..Suddenly though of giving it a lil' post. If you didn't knew I'm now back at Muar. Suprisingly, I prefer it here then KL. Life's easy at Muar (: Only cons' are there's someone special back there at KL, beside that, all is good but easy slowly becomes boring, my day is starting to become a routine, everyday same thing. Such is life.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Well, its just a normal morning on 16/10/2009, texted Wai Yin like I normally do every morning 1st thing I wake up. Suddenly she mentioned, "I want go eat Ikan Pedas at Petaling Street, wanna come?". I was like, "Why not! Its Food!". Here begins the complicated route towards Petaling Street, 1st. Took the bus from Sg.Long to Serdang KTM Station, 2nd. Took the KTM to KL Central, meet up Wai Yin there (: 3rd. Took the LRT together to Pasar Seni. "Are we there yet?"

Since we reached there early, we took a stroll around Pudu and Petaling Street, went Living Cabin and the list goes on, nothing much happen cause its Friday, just saw alot of Ang Mohs.

But when clock hit 5pm, dinner time! So we went to the stall in the middle of Petaling Street and she ordered some fish and some sting ray in Cantonese, wasn't so good in Cantonese so I don't actually knew what fish she ordered.

Waited for 15 mins, I heard if we come here at 7pm peak period we may have to wait bout 45 mins ++ lucky we decide to eat at 5pm :b The food came and it smells just GREAT! Took one slice of fish and mix with my rice with the chili gravy... *MuM* OMG it is one of the best Ikan Pedas I ever ate! The fish is very fresh too and here's the crazy part..1 fish with 1 sting ray just cost 15 bucks! :D You all gotta try it one day.

Here's a picture that I took.

Looks great yea.

Here's some photo I took of Wai Yin :b

She smiled! :)

This one is candid thou :D

Happy Sweet 17

Here's a another Birthday Dedication to Wei Xien! Wish you're having a great time with all your friends back at Muar. Sorry I couldn't make it back but I'll make it up to you when I go back, promise. Still remember your Subway thou don't worry (: I'll buy a foot long for you yea haha.


<3 Ya!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Poppy Night

Hi, sorry for the lack of updates lately, didn't have much to update.
Well last week I went Poppy Gardens to celebrate a friends 21st birthday and actually it is my 1st time there, didn't knew it was outdoor thou. The music was OK, love the R&Bs thou, same to the crowd. Nothing much to comment bout, just a typical club really haha (: Drank a few cups of Chivas on-the-rock, danced a lil (ok actually quite alot), took pictures of hawt chicks a lil. Overall a great night (: Went back home a lil bit tipsy -.-


Oh, here's some picture I took that night. Didnt took much picture but here goes (:

Hawt chick, didnt get her name thou, got her Facebook instead :b

Snow, yes thats her name. Melted that night thou xD

Bao Bao! Our Bday Girl! (:

Kiwi and Erm Someone, didn't get her name too (:

Poser by Kiwi (: Nice One

Well that pretty much ends my post. Have a great day and I really hope I can update more, c'mon life! Be more interesting!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Lynz!

Happy 19th Birthday Lynz!!

Today is the 19th Birthday of Lynz! Wooooooooooo! This girl I actually "accidentally" met at Facebook and we chatted away but hey, who knows we could actually talk till 5am xD Been talking to her on the Net since. A very good friend, a very good listener at times
Enjoy your Birthday girl. Birthday only comes once a year and your 19th Birthday only comes once in a lifetime (: Remember my Ayam Penyet if I happen to go to S'pore ya! (:

Smile always!

Happy Birthday Girl!

*disclamer: the P.S I Love You is not done by me*

P/S: Sleep more, your panda eyes very cham :b

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Felicia!


Happy 18th Birthday! I still remember the 1st time we met few years back during the camping trip and we're just young teenagers. The Red Wine "bottoms up" idea still sticks to my mind till today -.- Today you're already 18, time do past very fast and you're getting HOTTER & HOTTER!! All the best in your life! 18 already legal can do ALOT of things one ah. Don't naughty naughty ah :b

Happy 18th Birthday (:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Night Out With Ma Parents!

Ok guys and gals tell me, how many of you actually:
  1. Clubbed with your parents before.
  2. Night out drinking with your parents at a bar b4.
Well my parents pulled me and some few of their friends and my cousin to went drink at some bar called 360 at Muar, probably a "Birthday Celebration" or some sort but it was cool. I had a glass of Bailey, a glass of Screwdriver and a glass of Tequila. Didn't drink much. (Don't wanna get drunk in the presence of my parents :b)

Took a few pictures and here we go.

My Tequila with the Salt :b

That's my Mom There (:

Finally My Parents! <3

Well this more or less ends my post for now.
Have a Nice Day!!